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Thursday, January 2, 2014

And with a bang....

THE NFL: offseason has began.   Black Monday, the day in which NFL head coaches are typically signed came early this year.   Lets start off with two breaking stories and work our way down.

The Bears and Jay Cutler has reportedly agreed to a 7 yr. deal worth an unknown amount of money.  This takes one of the Best free agents out of the pool and makes Josh McCown's future with the bears seem less likely.  Cutler has been a injury prone and slightly above average QB for years (with Lovie Smith) but seems to have clicked recently with Brandon Marshall and Marc Trestman, creating a potentially playoff bound teams for next season.  

In other news The Tampa Bay Buccs have signed former bears Head Coach Lovie Smith.  Smith is best known as a defensive coach and will fit in well with a solid all around Buccs D.   Its also worth noting the offensive talents Matt Forte and Jay Cutler struggled in his offense so expect some regression from Mike Glennon and the Tampa bay running platoon.  It is expect that he will sign Rod Marinelli or Leslie Frazier s his Defensive Coordinator.  

The Browns have expressed interest in Josh McDaniels as there HC, He is a great offensive mind with the Rams, Broncos and presently the Patriots Offensive coordinator.   However for pats fans its worth noting that before McDaniels the Patriots were still a great offensive football club, he has only been around 3 years. 

In other news they're are a few potential cap cuts coming.  

1.)  Matt Schaub
QB Texans
Over paid and injury prone Schaub was a 2 time pro bowler but is fragile and 33.  He struggled horribly this season and the Texans appear to be entering a rebuilding phase.   He is as good as gone.

2.) Chris Johnson
RB Titans
After signing a Mega deal in 2010 Johnson struggled with his holdout and the NFL lockout, resulting in a few horrible seasons and constant decline.  With Shonn Greene an in house equal (at a much cheaper cost) it appears that CJ?K has played his last game as a titan but he could thrive elsewhere as age 29.

3.) Danieal Manning
SS Texans
a former lockdown Safety, Manning and his backfield partner Ed Reed struggled this season like most Texans and this led to Reed's mid year release and manning then broke his fibula.   He is 32 and could use a change of scenery.

4.) Adrian Wilson
SS/FS/CB  Patriots
A former star and future Hall of famer Adrian Wilson never played a game for the pats and rumors swirled that he would be cut but instead he landed on the IR with an Achilles injury.   He may well just retire.

5.) Jake Locker
QB Titans
A former 1st Rd. Pick Locker struggled before this season but finally looked good, until a hip and leg injury ended his year.  The titans have a 1 yr. option on him so he's gone.  In house option Ryan Fitzpatrick is the likely replacement.

6.) Larry Fitzgerald
WR Cardinals
Probably the biggest name yet, Fitz has struggled since Boldin and Warner left and people said it was lack of a QB and WR2 but i'm not sold.  Carson Palmer and Michael Floyd were the best pairing since 2009 that the Cards have offered but Fitz just keeps declining.  With a huge salary and no flexibility in his contract the cards might replace him. 

7.) Darrele Revis
CB Buccs
Still the best CB in the game Revis struggled early after coming back from ACL surgery and getting used to his new location but was a top flight CB by seasons end.  He doesn't fit in with new Coach Lovie Smith's system though and has a huge salary, this is a very tricky to predict situation.

8.) Darruis Heyward-Bey
WR Colts
Another former 1st Rd. Pick Bey never thrived with the raiders but the colts needed a blocking WR2, enter Bey.  However he struggled with drops like normal and then saw Reggie Wayne go down giving him a chance as a #1 but he fell flat and is now a #4.  He is overpaid and likely gone. 

9.) Darryl Washington
LB Cardinals
Dominating but costly.  The Cardinals will have a hard time paying for both him, Fitzgerald and Palmers big salaries but the odds he gets cut are low.  With his contract this expensive its still a possibility.

10.) Jacoby Jones
WR Ravens
For the second straight year it looks like he is gone, the Ravens are cap strapped and cant afford his special teams skill especially with better WR2 Marlon Brown in the fold.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Giant flop

Yesterday on Thursday night football the Giants showdown against the Bears to classic teams during the game David Wilson who is out set on the bench watching the New York Giants have their first decent rushing performance of the year to no fault of his own however the offense of wine has been among the five worst in the league along with Tampa Bay and few others. Brandon Jacobs who replaced Wilson was expected to split carries with Terrel Scott all temporary filling for Wilson so far this year over Scott and riding the time because the offense of wine produced very early and often the first time in the season this allowed the slow and lethargic Brandon Jacobs Amass one hundred yards and paste the ways his best rushing performance of the last two years Jacobs also ended DJ Williams season .  Williams. Was in the best year of his career after coming over to Chicago to replace Briarlock from the off-season he dharmasala job however season-ending injury forces Chicago to play rookie John Bostic. Bostic is a huge degrade from DJ Williams was still better than most below average linebacker though I would not quite called Average.  Over the next few weeks we should see the Giants attempt to incorporate I'm returning David Wilson until offense is a change of pace back to Brandon Jacobs this style we similar to what is employed in Buffalo who is using Fred Jackson as the every down  back although he is not as quick as CJ Spiller , the change of pace that he allows for more hard rushing and earns the extra yards if you will the Giants will use Darel Scott in short relief and are hoping Andre Brown will come back and be. His old self.  The Giants definitely out of the shoes playoff race however I wouldn't be surprised to see them back next year they arguably have the best receiving corps I personally rank them ahead of Green Bay with Ruben Randall Hakeem Nick's and most notably Victor Cruz. Myers is an underrated tight end plays well in this in systems like Oakland but struggled in the transition to New York. The Giants honestly  need a lot of improvement to be good again so I wouldn't put it past them if they didn't make the playoffs her to the three years and they choose to build in the draft have a lot of talented running back but they need to find an answer the king use a committee all the time, yeah committees can be affective however you still need to have a solid every down back and Brandon Jacobs who is fourth on San Francisco's depth chart is not the answer.